Dear Friends

Thank you for giving me the honor and pleasure of serving District J.

This past year your District J staff and I have been working hard for Houstonians.  Now we want to do more - more to serve our District J constituents and more to make Houston greater than it already is. With that in mind, I would like to formally announce my re-election campaign and ask for your support.

Over the past year, we have made progress on projects that matter and are directly beneficial to the people we serve. The following are only a few of our accomplishments:

•  demolishing the abandoned Winfield I Condominiums; 

•  responding to over 800 constituent service matters;

•  working to establish Friends of Parks organizations for our parks;

•  hosting the Gulfton Safety Meeting for our Spanish speaking residents;

•  re-establishing the Gulfton Super Neighborhood;

•  organizing the Southwest Faith Alliance; and,

• securing the return of the long requested left turn lanes at Gessner & Beechnut

Despite these successes, I want to continue making progress in bringing economic development and neighborhood revitalization to District J

I would be honored to continue serving District J and Houston.  I hope I can count on your help and support. Together, I know we can build a better Houston for all of us.  

Best wishes,

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